Meet Maz


Hi, friends! My name is Mazlin Rhea. Long story short, I’m here because I love to write. That’s basically it. I don’t care for lots of followers and I don’t expect a whole bunch of attention from this blog. I just want to share with the world how Jesus is working in my life. I want to share my struggles, my trials, my joy, and (most of all) my love for the Lord.


Now after all of that here’s a little snapshot of me:

  • I am a junior at the University of North Texas
  • I am currently pursuing a Journalism degree with a minor in French
  • I love the Lord with all my heart and aim to pursue Him every day
  • I am a not-so-secret a coffee addict
  • I got my Hogwarts acceptance letter long ago but my parents wanted me to go to public school instead
  • I play the ukulele
  • I think I’m a decent singer
  • Je parle un peu de français
  • If you want to know more, read the blog (or buy me dinner!)

For now, feel free to explore the blog and peruse the lists. And don’t be afraid to send me something under the contact page. I’d love to hear from you!

love and hugs,


And many thanks to HKF Photography for the featured picture!