letters to maz

A Letter to 17-year-old Maz

**Senior year: Complete with pictures to truly “relive” the year**

It’s official. You currently hold the title “dancing queen” simply because you are young, sweet, and only seventeen. Hold tight to your crown, and get ready for your last year of high school.

There’s an amazing feeling that happens when everything turns into your last first something. Your last first day of high school. Your last first choir concert of the year. Your last first football game (even though you never really went to them, it was still an important milestone). Your last first IMG_5487.jpgdance performance. Your last first time being late to first period… I think you get the idea. There are lots of important last first milestones that you hit in your senior year.

August opens up college application season (also known as super-stressful-season). You crank out your essays as good as you can and send out your applications hoping for the best. You are still not really sure where you want to go to college, so you apply to what everyone else in Friendswood applies for; UT and A&M. These are definitely two colleges that are high up on your radar and also everyone else’s. The crushing disappointment comes when you don’t get “fully” accepted into either. The answer comes in as a half acceptance. But spending one year at a junior college, then possibly transferring, doesn’t really sound like the dream you had about what college would be like. Soon you abandon all your ideas about what you thought college would be like and you decide to apply to other schools. Well actually, just one other school; the University of North Texas.

You apply on a whim of remembering that one time sophomore year when you were researching colleges online and you happened upon UNT’s website. There was an instant connection. You could tell that Denton felt like home already. Soon after that midnight college searching session, you forget the feelings of home that you felIMG_0198.jpgt in your gut and returned to daily life. Who knew that it would’ve taken three more years and being turned down from your only other options to apply there?

After you apply and are accepted, you decide you’re going there without even touring the campus first. That is how sure you were about this decision, and you were right to be so sure. The Holy Spirit moves in mysterious ways and a gut feeling is often one of them.

Soon enough, you’re buying things for your dorm and chatting with your soon to be roommate. I know you’ll be super anxious to go off to college and start this new chapter of your life already, but enjoy your time with your family this year. You may not realize this yet, but you’ll miss them when you’re five hours away.

IMG_6214.jpgWhen it comes to homecoming, you don’t really care for the football game, the parade, or the dance (mainly because Friendswood doesn’t even have one). All that matters to you is the overalls. Yes, the homecoming overalls. Every year before you’ve watched the senior girls decorate blue jean overalls to wear on the day of the homecoming game. No matter how much you think mums and school spirit are overrated, this is the year to go all out: lace, ribbons, paint, bells, anything else you can find at Hobby Lobby. Yes, they’re super cheesy.  Yes, they’re kind of obnoxious. No, you’re never gonna wear them ever again. But yes, you are still going to go all in just like every other school-spirit-filled-senior girl at your school!

IMG_6888.jpgJust you wait for your first Passion Conference. Passion is an incredible weekend experience where you just get to be poured into by incredible speakers and worship to phenomenal music. It truly helps you start the year 2016 off with a bang. I hope you retain everything that you learn that weekend and find freedom in knowing Jesus is present in giant arenas filled with college students and in the hallways of your school. And fun fact, you will just so happen to sit next to two seniors in high school who are also going to UNT. See ya next fall!

AP French will always have a special place in my heart. The classroom became a sanctuary within my school. We cracked down on studying for the AP test, but we also went turkey bowling, had dance parties, discussed french music, food, news, and politics. My teacher became one of my best friends and is still the most punk rock person I know. Whether I am remembered by my artfully done ceiling tile or simply because I spent a total of three class periods in the French room every day during my senior year, je sais mes souvenirs ne mourront jamais. Vive la France!

NDF_9745prom2016.jpgI’m not gonna lie, prom is gonna be really, really fun. You get all dressed up, feel super good about yourself, eat some fancy food, and then dance around a little (more like a lot) with your friends. Prom is really fun when you keep it simple. What you should not do is stress about finding a dress, reserving a restaurant, booking a hair/makeup/nails appointment, getting a date (really don’t stress about thins one), or about anything else you could stress about. Keep it simple. Give yourself plenty of time the day of to get ready, take pictures in someone’s backyard, eat dinner at your friend’s house that their parents cooked (bonus points if they dress up like waiters), and if you plan on having an after-party use what is easily available to you. Remember it is totally cool to just crash at a friend’s house after.

Finally, the day comes when you have taken all your finals, your teachers have signed off, and these last few months of senioritis will have finally paid off. Graduation day is upon us! It’s a shame that no one really warns you that high school will go by in the blink of an eye. Oh wait, never mind, everyone says that. I just never believed them. However now, it is finally time for you to walk across that stage and get your diploma handed to you. You’ll feel silly in your capIMG_8226.jpg because it doesn’t really look right on your head, but you still wear it proudly. You’ll also regret wearing heels, but they look nicer than sandals so you compromise beauty for comfort. Truthfully, I wish you would stop doing that. But no matter what stress the day brings of making sure your hair looks good, taking pictures with literally everyone, and not tripping when you walk across the stage, it will all be worth it when you get to throw your hat up in the air at the end of the ceremony (because let’s face it, that’s the best part).

High school was very trying at times, there were lots of stressful nights and anxiety-filled days. However, there were also lots of good memories and growing periods. Not to get all sappy and motivational, but they have all formed you into who you are today and they will keep forming you into who you are yet to become. Wow, that was pretty sappy (but true!).

Four years from now, I hope that I can do this exact same thing and look back on my college experiences and see how they’ve grown me. Hopefully, I’ll be graduated from college by then…


Come what may,



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