Calling all Christmas Enthusiasts!

There are three types of people in this world:

Those who don’t like or don’t celebrate Christmas (aka the Scrooges). Those who moderately enjoy Christmas and spending time with family who will maybe partake in only one extravagant holiday activity. And then there are those who have had their tree up and fully decorated since November 1st and know that there are exactly 32 days 8 hours 29 minutes and 11 seconds* until this blessed holiday that we celebrate with peppermint mochas, gingerbread houses, and over the top, festive decorations.

For those who are the latter, let the festivities begin! Bring out the Starbucks Christmas cups and twinkle lights! Let’s make everything taste like peppermint and gingerbread! But remember to go easy on the less enthusiastic ones.

I can be found somewhat in between the Christmas extremists and the moderate celebrators. I love decorating for Christmas, spending time with my family, and almost anything that tastes like peppermint, but I draw the line at singing Christmas songs before thanksgiving. (Hopefully, I can get some people to back me up on that!)

The Christmas season is for sure a busy one (I know anyone who works in retail can back me up on that). So I thought I would share some of the things that I love about the season and what I am looking forward to over the next month. Maybe some of you can find one more reason to fall in love with the season!

Radio Light-up Houses:

Okay so I admit, I do not know the proper term for them (or even f there is one) so allow me to explain. These houses take “driving around to look at Christmas lights” to a whole new level. These houses are decorated from top to bottom (and then some) with synchronized blinking Christmas lights. Just by themselves, the lights can be seen as random or unnecessary but the magic happens once you add music. Once you tune into a certain station on the radio you can see lights dance with the songs that play. They flash on and off in sequences with the music and I never get tired of it. There is one particular house in my hometown that puts on this show every year and I have been waiting to go home and watch the lights since early November. Last year I think I spent a grand total of 7 hours (over the course of a month) parked in front of that house.

Wassail Fest:

What is wassail you may ask? Isn’t it just what the brits call apple cider? Wrong.

Well not entirely wrong, wassail is a drink that originated in England and is essentially fancy apple cider. It usually includes cloves, something citrusy, and cinnamon and it tastes like Christmas in a cup! (My favorite is when you mix red hots in it!)

This is one event that I am most excited for because I haven’t gotten to experience it before. From what I understand in Denton’s Wassail Fest, you get to walk around the town square and vendors will offer you wassail to taste and then after you have made your rounds, tasting all the wassail you can, you can go vote for  who you thought has the best tasting drink. There’s also other wonderful Christmas events like the ceremonial lighting of the tree, pictures with Santa, and a nativity scene that is also all in the town square. Basically all the wonderful things about Christmas within one block.

Sweater Weather:

It goes without saying that sweater weather is my favorite thing about fall and winter. This is one of the many glorious gifts that God has given us; the ability to bundle up in sweaters and scarves when it’s cold outside and feel cozy 24/7. Sweater weather in Texas sometimes can be a game of “how sweaty can I get before noon” but for some reason, I am always willing to risk it all in the game in order to wear a sweater.

Shopping for Christmas Gifts:

I love giving gifts to people in general so naturally, I flourish in Christmas. It’s a truly wonderful feeling when you finally find the perfect gift for someone (especially if they’re a “hard to shop for” type). The only battle with this is the crowds in the mall. Here I am utterly conflicted since I am an introvert, crowded places usually wear me out, but there is something about the Christmas spirit that just invigorates me. It’s like a shot of espresso right when I walk into a store with Christmas decorations and a “sale” sign up front. The only thing that truly wears me out is finding a parking space.

With all of these wonder attributes of the season and then some, my hope is that everyone has a reason enjoy this wonderful holiday season! Because even after all the commercial Christmas gimmicks fade and mall Santas pack their bags, we are left with one great reason for celebrating and that is the birth of Jesus. So praise the Lord and bring on the peppermint mochas because we’ve got some celebrating to do!

Peace on earth and joy to all,


P.s. I’ve already watched Elf twice

*This is as of November 22 at around 3:00pm. Now it’s sooner!!

Family photo circa 2002 featuring yours truly (bottom right) and the fam


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