100 Wishes

100 (2).png

I wish to…

  1.  go to as many concerts as I want
  2.  live in the south of France
  3.  see the northern lights
  4. own a coffee shop
  5.  work at Disneyworld
  6.  read peoples minds
  7.  voice a character in a cartoon
  8.  be fluent in French
  9.  spend a weekend at a super fancy spa
  10.  paint a self-portrait
  11.  dress like I’m from the 1920s for a day
  12.  go to space
  13.  fly
  14.  guest star on an episode of “The Office”
  15.  have a fancy English tea party
  16.  attend Cambridge University
  17.  ride an elephant
  18.  host Saturday Night Live
  19.  dance with the American Ballet Theater
  20.  eat what I want and not get fat
  21.  travel back in time
  22.  go to Hogwarts
  23.  be a wizard
  24.  have unlimited storage on my phone
  25.  take awesome pictures
  26.  go to one of Jay Gatsby’s parties
  27.  see into the future
  28.  climb a mountain
  29.  run a marathon
  30. never have another blister again
  31.  have my perfect Pinterest closet
  32.  meet Sara Bareilles
  33.  have a pet goat
  34.  visit Stonehenge
  35.  be a billionaire
  36. guest star on the show “Criminal Minds”
  37.  play monopoly, and win
  38.  meet C.S. Lewis
  39.  catch fireflies
  40.  go to the Met Gala
  41.  see a movie about my life
  42.  trade places with the president for one day
  43.  produce a Broadway musical
  44.  be a philanthropist
  45.  eat a five-course meal
  46.  know how many stars are in the sky
  47.  live in the “Full House” house in San Francisco
  48.  own a pair of Toms in every color
  49.  live to be 100
  50.  win an Oscar
  51.  ride the train to Hogwarts
  52.  spend an evening with the cast of “Gilmore Girls”
  53.  compete in the olympics
  54.  ride in a hot air balloon
  55.  go to brunch with Audrey Hepburn
  56.  never have acne again
  57.  picnic in Versailles
  58.  have someone write a book on my life
  59.  always have a blanket or jacket with me
  60.  remember my dreams when I wake up
  61.  have fall/winter weather all the time
  62.  never have an annoying song stuck in my head again
  63.  always get a full 8 hours of sleep
  64.  dinner with Matthew Gray Gubler
  65.  host an award show
  66.  trend on twitter
  67.  sing a duet with James Bay
  68.  choreograph a ballet
  69.  graffiti the side of a building with Banksy
  70.  spend the night in the white house
  71.  have Emma Watson’s number on speed dial
  72.  have someone write a song about me
  73.  dive to the very bottom of the ocean
  74.  sleep for a whole 24 hours
  75.  challenge someone to a dual
  76.  go to a Beatles concert
  77.  go mattress surfing (like in the Princess Diaries 2)
  78.  actually be able to keep up with the Kardashians
  79.  sing a duet with Adele
  80.  win a costume contest
  81.  love everyone
  82.  graduate with honors
  83.  cure a terminal illness
  84.  go to one of Marie Antoinette’s parties
  85.  remake the movie Titanic starring me as Rose
  86.  learn calligraphy
  87.  see the royal wedding
  88.  have my own clothing line
  89.  run for president
  90.  have 20 cats
  91.  knit a sweater
  92.  be a professional underwater basket weaver
  93.  swim with sharks
  94.  live in an igloo for a year
  95.  see 24 hours of sunlight
  96.  discover a new solar system
  97.  start a nonprofit
  98.  be happy
  99.  see the whole world come to know Jesus
  100.  have all of my wishes come true!