Home Sweet Home


Hello, friends. My name is Mazlin Rhea.

Welcome to this mess of a blog. This site has evolved like none other over the past year. I started out just writing my thoughts, then some advice posts, and after that lots of lists; Music playlists, books to read, 100 wishes. Then I began dabbling in making graphics and shooting some of my own photography- then shooting a lot of my own photography. Now you can find fiction and poetry on my blog as well as everything else, and who knows, maybe there’s more to come soon?

I find different creative outlets almost daily. I feel as though I’m always hopping from one thing to the next. So basically I’m an amateur at everything from writing to photography to web designing.

Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay and read for a while. So cozy up, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, really whatever suits your fancy), and I hope you enjoy the blog!


love and hugs,