Home Sweet Home


Hello, friends. My name is Mazlin Rhea.

Like it says above, I’m just an amateur blogger who’s still trying to figure this whole life, blog, and college thing out. I’m just beginning on this journey of writing with not much practice or formal training behind me, but I have a passion like none other. You can read a bit more about me in the tab marked, you guessed it, “Meet Maz”, or you can just head straight over to the blogs.

Most recently I’ve added a photography page and a poetry page! I know you can find pretty amateur poetry at any open mic night in the world, so why not here too!

Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re here, and I hope you’ll stay and read for a while. So cozy up, pour yourself a nice cup of coffee (or tea, hot chocolate, really whatever suits your fancy), and I hope you enjoy the blog!

Love and hugs,